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GFWC Kentucky General Federation of Women's Clubs Kentucky

Officer Reports


2014 – 2016


Presented by


Susan Alexander

Marion, Kentucky


  • President's Special Project: "Applause on Main"

  • Junior Special Project: St Jude / Advocates for Children

  • Compiled By: Susan R. Alexander, GFWC Kentucky President - 2014/2016

  • "Unlocking Doors of Opportunity" - Symbol the "Key"


With a theme of "Unlocking Doors of Opportunity" and clubwomen being the "Key" during the 2014-2016 administration, Kentucky women implemented with great care, skill and concern the GFWC logo, "Living the Volunteer Spirit". The GFWC Kentucky Juniors worked to emphasize and implement "Advocates for Children" thru diligently working with St. Jude programs for children and their parents.


The plan for this administration was for it to be one of continuity, built on the strong foundation of those who came before this 2014-2016 administration. The Executive Committee and the Board of Directors entered most enthusiastically into the plans and worked unsparingly for Kentucky Federation. Their loyalty, as with the Kentucky clubwomen, was a great inspiration, all of whom my most sincere thanks and deep admiration.


The special project for this administration was "Applause on Main". Every community throughout the great Commonwealth of Kentucky has a main street. It does not need to be called "Main Street" but a street that shows the pride, integrity, history of which the people are in this community, where they came from and most importantly where they want to steer their community in the future. Every GFWC & GFWC Ky program, project or partnership can fall within these perimeters. Art -there were murals, Conservation - beautification projects, Public Issues – brought together city and county government to understand the economic impact of a lively downtown area,

Education - history in educating students in who they are and where they come from, Home Life -created a sense of pride in keeping our historic homes and downtown areas beautiful andmeaningful and International Affairs - understanding that the United States is a melting pot of immigrants who define us and our ways of life and ancestral roots. "Applause" amassed in this two year administration; 89 Projects, 4,860 Volunteer Hours, $49,834.00 Donated Dollars, and $9,845.00 In Kind Donations.


As I have traveled across Kentucky to the 9 District Conferences it was indeed wonderful to meet so many club women and to learn of their many varied and worthwhile accomplishments. Kentucky is better because of these clubwomen "Living the Volunteer Spirit". This administration was proud and honored to present a miniature of the new governor's wife, Kentucky 1st Lady, Mrs. Glenna Bevin. This doll will be on display in the capitol rotunda along with the other 1st Ladies in Miniature of Kentucky. These eighteen-inch replicas of Kentucky's official hostess since 1792 are an educational and fine arts display in five beautiful cherry cases. This project has been ongoing since 1970-1972, under GFWC KY President Emeritus, Helen Evans guidance, as it was her own state project while president.


2016-2018 Year Book 55

With the adoption of GFWC Kentucky's logo in April 2013, the State President's pin and the Junior Director's pin were retired. GFWC KY President's Emeritus, Helen Evans and Phoebe McCoy accepted the retirement of the pins that are now on display in our cabinet of honor at our Headquarters. New pins were designed and gifted to the incoming president and junior director for the 2016-2018 administration.


GFWC Awards were plentiful in this administration. For 2014-2015, GFWC Kentucky won 1st Place Awards in Photography, Domestic Violence, Junior Award for Advocate for Children, Youth Writing, Lifesaver Status for Shot at Life and recognition for the GFWC 125th Anniversary award.

During this year GFWC Kentucky helped our Region, SER, to be 1st in Prevention Fund Awards and Top Region for St. Jude. In 2015-2016, GFWC Kentucky Juniors won the overall award for March of Dimes, the award for St. Jude and Barbourville Junior Study Club was recognized as a Shot at Life Champion. GFWC Kentucky was recognized for our Signature Project, Domestic Violence, for fundraising achievement, Outstanding Achievement in Public Issues, HOBY certificate for appreciation, Photography in Volunteers in Action & World in Pictures and lastly Short Story 3rd place.


GFWC Kentucky gained 353 new members and was the first to submit state membership to GFWC through Excel. We successfully pushed to extend domestic violence protections to domestic partners. LEADS was promoted with seminars at the state and district levels. Gale Vinson (2015) and Cynthia Barnes (2016) were our LEADS candidates to GFWC with Martha Crafton representing GFWC Kentucky as the Jennie Award nominee (2016).

And this President was recognized for the Charlotte Emerson Brown Award for Outstanding Exemplary Service of State Presidents to their state federation and to GFWC. I am deeply humbled and honored to receive such recognition.


Our GFWC KY magazine, the Kentucky Clubwoman, was published 4 times a year electronically with a total of 8 for this administration and a newsletter every 2 months keeping clubwomen posted and up to date on the things going on in Kentucky as well as GFWC. Through the efforts of the 2014-2016 Executive Committee and District Governors and Vice Governors I am delighted to report that this administration along with the president and junior director visited 52 clubs across our great Commonwealth. Having state officers present in our clubs and district conferences builds stronger bonds for our state federation.


Once again I feel extremely honored, privileged and humbled by the club women of Kentucky for being elected to serve this great Commonwealth as their 60th GFWC Kentucky President. The many hours of volunteering, the kindness and generosity of these women "Lifts Me Up". All my best and continued support to GFWC and GFWC KY for "Living the Volunteer Spirit"

Susan R. Alexander, President Emeritus

GFWC Kentucky

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